22 June 2020

What You Need To Know: Neptune In Pisces, The Retrograde, The Neptune Fog & More

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C.S. Sherin, 22 June 2020

Tomorrow night Neptune will go retrograde in Pisces and stay that way through November 29th. (By the way, Neptune will remain in Pisces through January 26th, 2026.)


  • Neptune is a far-out, distant planet in our solar system. So, it's influence is more generational and collective than personal or social. Yet, individuals can and do experience and carry Neptune's symbolic energies too.
  • Neptune rules Pisces and the 12th house. Having Neptune in the sign it rules is a positive. We may still face all the challenges and benefits of Neptune's influence, but having that natural placement aligned allows the focus to go to deeper, more important matters.
  • Neptune in retrograde can be a helpful influence and time. Why? Because retrogrades tend to cause things to be revealed, to shake up patterns, and cause deeper reflection on things. But Neptune, can also bring about a lot of confusion and misunderstanding...Neptune has some tricky dimensions to it, so let's talk about that...
Neptune, as an astrological symbol, archetype, influence, and mythology represents, at its best, the ultimate, most enlightened and healing expressions of spirituality, knowledge, and the arts (music, art, performance, dance; selfless service to others; aesthetics; healing, herbalism, homeopathy, and holistic methods). This would also translate into an affinity and deep connection to both the stars (galaxies and beyond) and the Earth's ocean. And, it can represent the healer, magician, psychic, artist, musician, dancer, dreamer, seer, mystic, martyr/activist-hero, astral traveler, and/or enlightened being. Gifts of Neptune would be creative, psychic, spiritual, imagination-centered, empathy, and healing.

Neptune is not going to be so very analytical, logical; or stimulated by mundane conversations in conventional ways at all. Neptune is going to follow a more divinely feminine logic--which is non-linear, seemingly illogically logical, psychic/intuitive, erratic, dreamy, and deeply spiritual (in the best possible ways). There is direct access to esoteric knowing, harmony, bliss, healing, and actual enlightenment in this archetype.

Even dreams and nightmares, or sound distortions (think modern music effects) are welcome and important--as long as they are not harmful or against (out of tune with) natural universal laws. Symbolic messages and communication are valued by Neptune. Harsh, aggressive, and overly rigid/controlling approaches aren't. Which leads us to talking about some of the weaknesses and more challenging potential influences of Neptune...

The challenges and weaknesses of the Neptune archetype:
Illusions, dreams, visions, or leaders that/who deceive, distract, confuse, and mislead is a major theme within the Neptune archetype, dynamics, and energies. This can be experienced in many ways, and on many levels. This can also have effects that are anywhere from relatively harmless, to deadly. Deadly, because charismatic cult leaders have, in deed, led people to their deaths through the misuse of Neptunian type powers/gifts.

Along with this main challenge of Neptune, are other common weaknesses/challenges of the Neptune/Pisces influence: chronic allergies, spiritual bypassing, escapism (via distraction, addictions, fantasy, sleep) when confronted with pain or anything that is overwhelming or unpleasant; confusion--known as the Neptune Fog; exploitation of spiritual beliefs and practices for personal gain, and being stuck in the role of victim/martyr.

Let's talk more about the Neptune Fog Effect:
This effect results in feelings of disorientation, confusion, and a feeling like a fog has settled upon one's ability to multi-task, stay focused, or to foresee cause and effect clearly.

While it may seem counter-intuitive, this fog can sometimes be a blessing in disguise. It may function in conjunction with countless other dynamics going on in our lives, that work in concert to facilitate/encourage improvements upon our processes and goals.

When the Neptune Fog gets the better of us, it can be that there is a divine timing to certain things, and the fog helps to protect us from sabotaging a beautiful timing of things unfolding that our will and/or our schedule isn't always in tune with. We may even stumble upon aspects of reality we didn't realize were possible, and we may find ourselves having somewhat mystical experiences.

When our will is not in harmony with the Universe, and when our wounds and/or unhealthy levels of ego are interfering with our true expression and soul-level needs, the Neptune Fog effect may be an energy dynamic that eventually redirects us, in a non-linear, divine feminine wisdom type of way. Sometimes we try to "push the river" and the Neptune Fog effect transports us out of that mode of being. There can be a certain kind of divine intervention within this temporary confusion and spiritual blindness that slows us down, and may help us to become aware and function in different ways.

Or, the Neptune Fog can be a sign that lets us know that we dearly and deeply need to practice grounding exercises (like planting or weeding the garden) and ease up on being too mentally focused. Or, we may need to meditate more in order to become more centered and grounded. Some of us who need physical activity with our meditation may choose to focus on new movements to take us deeper (swimming, walking, hiking, yoga, etc.).

At other times, the Neptune Fog can really be a hindrance, and can have effects similar to allergies or a hangover from drug use, or from standard allergy medicine use. For any one who has suffered from any sort of allergy, we know that the symptoms can be similar to the Neptune Fog: confusion, distraction, tiredness or straight up lethargy. It is quite unpleasant and disruptive to the need to keep up with the daily duties in life with these sorts of feelings. This can be a result of giving our power away to others via our beliefs, values, and ways of learning. It can also be a result of having poor psychic boundaries, or from being overly influenced by others, and losing our own sense of knowing. (Of course, each person needs to be sure to rule out other medical problems by seeing a health care provider, rather than making the mistake of assuming that feelings/symptoms like these are only due to allergens, and/or collective and personal Neptune based energy fluctuations, patterns, and dynamics.)

The Neptune Fog effect can also be a sign that we are, in some way, ignoring or bypassing important inner spiritual work that needs to be tended to...or that we are falling into unhealthy emotional patterns, habits, poor boundaries, or addictions....OR, that we are becoming alienated and off-center in our lives in some way. Often, when this happens, we don't have time for such issues, and we feel like we are failing, or off course...

The trick is to discern:
Is this a time when we look at this experience as a mystical and sacred journey, and go with it? Is it time to look into herbs, and homeopathic remedies for our allergies? Is it time to tend to the garden, and connect with nature, or make some homemade soup? Is it time to come down to earth, and connect with real needs (from within and around us) in real time, with selfless service or creative contributions? Or, is it a time to listen to our own inner knowing and detach from others? Or, is the Neptune Fog a part of our wounding that is being activated by dysfunction we fall into when we aren't staying present and conscious of where our needs end and another person's begin? 

These are just a few points to consider as food for thought with Neptune energies...

So, What Can This Mean For Our Collective Experience?
Pisces Neptune In Retrograde Can Reveal Illusions & Deceptions...

With Neptune in Pisces for so long, we have and will see many classic examples of all the potentials of Pisces in Neptune...in others and in ourselves (look at the house you have your natal Neptune and Pisces in, as well as what houses they are currently in, for more personal insight). Because Pisces is at home in Neptune, it does indicate a strength and deeper meaning and focus are possible.

The tricky part is that we may really believe some things that may turn out to actually be: illusion, imagined scenarios, and erroneous conclusions. It is best to not believe everything we think. It is better to test, research, and question what we are told, and even some things that we see. Things are not always what they seem. And, in not recognizing our own faulty judgments, we may project onto others that they are the ones who are deluded and feeding into deception. Neptune, in this way, can be a house of mirrors.

Sometimes we sabotage ourselves by coming to conclusions about things when we are afraid, stressed, and overly tired. That is one way that we can begin to attach ourselves to deceptive ideas, beliefs, patterns, and people--simply through neglect, and the error of not starting at a place where our mind and heart are clear and free from interference and unhelpful influences.

With Neptune in retrograde for the next 5 months, we are likely to discover that some of our beliefs, ideas, approaches, and assumptions are faulty, and need to be adjusted. This can be disorienting for a while. For some, it may be deeply confusing. For others, it may be freeing. And while we will also see others experiencing the same, it is best for us to focus on our own need for adjustment--in how we see, act, and interact with people, life and our perceptions of them/it. Taking responsibility for ourselves will go a long way to create naturally healthy boundaries.

The temptation, with Neptune sometimes, is to keep the rose-colored glasses on, to spiritually bypass important emotional/mental/spiritual work and growth; to believe our fear- or insecurity-based exaggerated imaginings of what others think, feel, or are doing. There is also a temptation to escape all the discord and strife around us and within us by checking out--through drugs, alcohol, addiction, fantasy, sleep, "keeping busy," obsessively "helping" others, and other distractions; or to play the victim, so as to avoid taking responsibility for personal mistakes and misunderstandings.

There is a fine balance here...  We need to tend to our mental and emotional health to make our actions, work, and life sustainable. And, we need to face the uglier issues in our lives, communities, and in our internal being that need to be addressed, worked on, healed, and/or resolved.

We need to be accountable for our actions, and we need to allow ourselves the joy and bliss of spiritual practices that truly nourish and center us in the best of ways. Those spiritual practices may be practical and mundane, far-out and groovy, or they may be connected to creativity, healing, or earthy practices and arts.

Still another Neptune temptation is to use spirituality like a drug addiction--creating a practice and following that feeds on drama, fervor, zealous devotion, exclusion, battles, group think, and an added incentive to "save" or enroll others into a brand of belief that makes them feel special. This is not just a fundamentalism that is found in religion, this is a fundamentalism that can be found in psychic, new age, activist, and even institutionalized organizations and groups.

We may be in for some relief if some of these more harmful and destructive misuses of Neptune energies in our collective and personal lives are revealed and unravel, yet further.

Disillusionment may be an after-effect as idealized people, places, things, and systems lose their magnetism, illusion and mystique. Yet, when we tune in to a truly holistic, inclusive, healing, and empowering Neptune energy--some restoration of universal laws can instill some sorely needed hope in this time of systemic breakdowns, turmoil, need, and crisis.

The most important thing we can do, in balancing the depths and heights of this Pisces Neptune retrograde is to keep returning to a sincere intention for goodness, beauty, healing, dignity, and compassion--for ourselves and all others.

We may want to return to our breath...breathing in truth, breathing out clear seeing; breathing in true knowing, breathing out truth...and so on. In doing so, without trying to control the outcome, we may draw to us some very important information and insights over this period of time. What we discover about ourselves and others may not always be pretty, easy, uplifting, or flattering. However, with the harmful distortions and harmful illusions revealed, we are more able to respond in ways that are more effective and appropriate to the needs and realities of our time.

The real lesson for Pisces, and for us at this time, is to face pain head on, go through it, do the work, avoid feeling too sorry for ourselves, and use our considerable spiritual and creative powers for the benefit of all who may dearly need it. Our genuine expressions and movements for compassion, healing, and transcendent wisdom are needed and can make a difference. But, we have to come to terms with the amount of harm, corruption, and dysfunction in our culture and systems--without allowing it to drive us into unhealthy amounts of escapism or ego-laden savior complexes.

Within Pisces and Neptune, there can also be child-like wonder, magical thinking, unclear boundaries, and naive levels of trust. There is a need to learn to evaluate and test the truth of things in systematic and logical ways. It may not come naturally, but surely it can be learned.

There is so much powerful healing Neptune energy to be channeled, but it will lose its power and meaning if we want things to only to be love, light, and enlightenment, without respectfully and responsibly dealing with the mud, garbage, crimes, violence, and destruction affecting so many. This is a time to reflect on this and review where we are, and where we have been.

The light and shadow of Neptune are both parts of a whole. Yet, it isn't dualism...it is like what Buddhists describe as a storehouse of potential. There is a potential for transformation, and there is potential for charlatanism. The gifts are the same, and can appear the same--under the guise of different approaches and illusions. Do we use the gifts responsibly? Or do we misuse them? Do we focus on what other people are doing wrong? Or do we address our own self-deceptions and take personal responsibility?

One last thing to consider: If we grew up in homes that taught us to buy into addictive and reactive systems of belief, faith, or spirituality, then we are that much more vulnerable to our unconscious conditioning sabotaging us.

It is important to begin to realize the ways in which belief systems and groups that hold spiritual/religious/political power may seek to hook others through methods of power and control like, forbidding and permitting through dogma and infallibility ("binding and loosing").

As we come to terms with how we may have experienced some kinds of spiritual abuse or unhealthy spirituality-based conditioning, we can become more conscious of how we become enmeshed and hooked in certain patterns, traps, and illusions in general. In becoming aware, we begin to free and heal ourselves, and in so doing, can eventually empower others to do so as well.

First, the illusions and deceptions must be revealed, and we must be willing to acknowledge that revelation and respond...

Who is that, behind that curtain? Oh, it's the great and all powerful Wizard of Oz. And he's actually not a terrifying supernatural god that we must bow down to, but a misguided opportunist who figured he might as well take advantage of a situation he found himself in, in such a strange, beautiful, naive, and trusting city...far, far from home...

 C.S. Sherin (Chandra), Wild Clover Astrology 2020©. You are free to share this content via social media, unaltered and with the author, link and copyright intact. Any alterations or lack of credit is prohibited.

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