23 May 2020

Gemini Season And All About Archetypal Gemini Energy

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C.S. Sherin, 22 May 2020

Gemini season is upon us. At the same time, Venus is currently retrograde in the sign of Gemini and will stay that way through June 25th.

Venus spends about two months in a Zodiac sign, and is retrograde for about 40 days. Read about the current Venus retrograde here.

All About The Zodiac Sign Gemini

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Gemini is a mutable, yang, air sign; ruled by Mercury, and keeper of the 3rd house. The symbol for Gemini is twins. So, in general, classic, archetypal Gemini energy is:
  • flexible, changeable, adaptable
  • intellectual, mental, active
  • two-sided
  • direct, broadcasting, open
  • thirsts for and craves interchange, information, learning

The gifts of Gemini energy include:
  • versatility
  • quick mental processing
  • engagement with all forms and formats of communication
  • messenger of energy and information
  • able to cover lots of information quickly
  • magnetic, light-hearted, fun
  • perceptive, engaging
  • socially adventurous
  • a love of movement, travel, excitement, change
  • intellectually active
  • charming and ethereal
  • educated, self-educated, or otherwise well informed
  • diverse interests and/or abilities

The challenges of Gemini energy include:
  • not usually good at listening
  • impatient and/or superficial
  • a tendency to feed into unnecessary gossip and drama
  • delving into everything without getting really deep or committed into one thing
  • nourished by the external, neglects the internal
  • emotions and emotional needs are intellectualized or ignored
  • longs for a conversational companion--a twin
  • nervous system issues: worry, anxiety
  • mental confusion
  • dissipated energy and focus
  • ongoing need for mental stimulation
  • dishonesty due to the compulsion to be a people-pleaser or to get information

Gemini NEEDS:
  • to cultivate a deep, present, and peaceful relationship with self
  • an ongoing practice of mindfulness and meditation to quiet the mind and nerves
  • to be heard; and to process information, concepts, and experiences with others
  • to practice listening skills
  • to always be learning
  • a healthy outlet (exercise and creativity) for pent up nervous energy
  • to learn about and avoid codependent relationships
  • to be appreciated for their humor, quick thinking, and ability to adapt
  • connect with nature in a direct way, in order to ground, relax, and center
Gemini's connection to the 3rd House results in the following Gemini/3rd house associations:
  • siblings and friends who are like siblings
  • neighbors and immediate environment in childhood
  • communication of all kinds: verbal, musical/artistic/creative, body/physical, telepathy, channeling, reading, virtual, technical, transmissions, broadcasting, messages, letters, languages, visual, etc.
  • mentality, mental health, and thought process
  • movement, speed, local errands
  • everyday conversations and niceties
  • fast and short trips/adventures (mental, physical, or spiritual; and altered states)
  • Hermaphrodite, intersex, asexual
  • identical and fraternal twins
  • sibling rivalry
  • split personality

With Venus in retrograde through June 25th, it is a great time to take into consideration the lessons of this archetypal Gemini energy as translated into the energy of Venus.

Venus, in the most general of terms, symbolizes for us: romance, sexuality, the arts, music, inspiration, creativity, money, luxury, indulgences, earthly/sensual pleasures, beauty, seduction, and obsession.

While the retrograde is happening, it would be a good time to engage in activities that fall in line with the list above entitled: "Gemini NEEDS."

Gemini energy wants to intellectualize emotions, and romanticize relationships. Gemini energy wants to sweep over important details in order to cover more ground. It would be a good idea to avoid these pitfalls at this time, in respect to: relationships, money, and any partnerships or agreements we may have to deal with at this time.

There are Gemini folks who work long and hard on their weaknesses, and it would be hard to imagine how they ever had trouble: listening, being patient, or in sticking with one subject or person--and committing deeply and fully to it/them. So, these general energies and archetypal guidelines are never meant to pigeonhole anyone.

Every person is so much more than their Sun, Moon, or Rising sign... They are so much more than it seems when we look at one aspect. Every person's depth, strengths, weaknesses, and so on...vary according to their ability and choice to work on all of it. It all depends on each person's ability and choice to be present to self, to others, and to face and work on  weaknesses and personal blind spots.

Some Zodiac signs get a bad rap and poor reputation (like Gemini) due to an ongoing dumbing-down and superficial commercialization of astrology. It is unfortunate.

Even with professional software to print out detailed birth chart reports, the result is really lacking. The truth is, only an experienced, dedicated astrologer can write a birth report that truly addresses the depths and breadths of your unique birth chart.

While learning, it is great to know and explore these general lists and qualities! But, it is equally important to remember that there is a deep synthesis that needs to take place in interpreting a whole life birth chart!

There are so many hidden layers that need to be put together and presented in an insightful and truly helpful way, in order to make the most of astrology for others and ourselves. Astrology is a profound and useful tool!

So, my recommendation is to avoid reducing self and others to one or three signs, and look deeper...and reach out to astrologers, like myself, who have worked long and hard on doing justice to this artful esoteric science.


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