02 April 2020

Saturn In Aquarius: March 2020 to March 2023

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Saturn In Aquarius: March 2020 to March 2023

C.S. Sherin, 1 April 2020; updated 5 Apr 2020

Saturn has been in the sign of Capricorn since Dec. 19th, 2017.

On Sunday March 22nd, Saturn officially moved into Aquarius.

Consider this a preliminary dip of Saturn's toes into Aquarius. Saturn will stay in Aquarius now through July 1st of this year, and then will retrograde back into Capricorn for 5 months (through Dec. 17th). So, for about 3 months, we will get a preview of this new energy of Saturn in Aquarius.

After the retrograde in Capricorn (an energy we are pretty familiar with by now, on some level), Saturn will return to Aquarius on Dec. 18th of this year, and stay there through March 7th of 2023. For about 2.5 years, starting now, we are entering into another Aquarian Saturn flavor. (The last time Saturn was in Aquarius was in February of 1991, and its last day there was on January 27 of 1994.) 


In both Capricorn and Aquarius, Saturn is at home -- a true and stable version of itself, as an energy and influence in our social and collective lives. Even though both signs are harmonious with Saturn energy, they are quite different expressions, with totally different tones of focus and outcomes.

Saturn is a social planet--it isn't personal to us, and isn't distant. Saturn most influences our relationships out in the world, and to and with authority and social structures. On the mythological level, evolving into present day, Saturn represents layers and layers of powerful archetypes that are overactive in our culture and world: patriarchy, hierarchy; enforcement of laws and rules (with punitive tendencies), masculine dominance, taskmasters, dictators/authoritarianism, orthodoxy and dogma, rigor, and unyielding structures, like institutions.

What we have inherited from each age/era adds another layer to Saturn for us. We carry the residue of many coups, genocides, imperialism, colonialism, and archaic holds on power and ceremony/ritual. The mythology from which Saturn arose for us in the European/Western world rests upon a story from ancient Greek (and Roman) mythology. Good to note: The Greek inevitably inherited some of their beliefs from ancient Babylonia (Chaldean) and Egypt (with Persian/Mesopotamian influences). And, the Romans loved to adopt Greek myths as their own, translating them into different names and perspective. The Greek god, Cronus, became Saturn in Roman mythology.

The Mythology

Cronus was the youngest of the Titans (2nd generation of deities, born from the primordial deities). Uranus and Gaea were the primordial parents of Cronus/Saturn. Uranus, father sky, was being a jerk--not letting their children be born, so Cronus (with mother's help and encouragement) was the one to cause separation between his parents, so that they could be born. Cronus/Saturn became the leader of the Titans through his courage and heroism (castrating his father in order to be born, causing separation between earth and sky) at birth.

We have to remember that these are myths, symbols, and archetypes--not human people. The deities are heavenly bodies, with different ways of being. Taking the Greek myths literally really won't be helpful.

Cronus/Saturn's downfall was in becoming fearful of his own children due to a prophecy that told of his own children overthrowing him. So, Cronus/Saturn was the one who devoured ("ate") his children--all except the youngest, Zeus/Jupiter--who was protected against that fate by his mother. (See a pattern here?) When Zeus/Jupiter was old enough, he used a sneak attack on his father, Cronus/Saturn, with a drink that forced Cronus/Saturn to basically throw-up all the children he had devoured. In other words, all of Zeus/Jupiter's siblings were hidden underground within Cronus/Saturn, and were released. Zeus/Jupiter's siblings then joined him to begin the 10-year war to overthrow the Titans--their parents and others, which ushered in the era of the Olympian gods and their council of 12, with Zeus/Jupiter as the leader, god of the gods.

From a certain perspective, this was a loss in many ways, as the rule of Cronus/Saturn ended, so did the abundance of food and other resources that were enjoyed without much effort or labor for humans, and the gods no longer walked among humans--the end of "the Golden Era."

By the way, Cronus/Saturn is often confused with the primordial god, Chronos, who is the god of Time in Orphic Theogonies.

Cronus/Saturn isn't that god, he is a Greek/Roman god directly related to security and abundance found around resources: food/agriculture, the harvest, money, possessions and status that brings ease. Cronus/Saturn was beloved by ancient Rome and Romans in particular.

Saturn's Tests

Saturn, for each of us personally, presents us with what we could look at as soul-level tests (throughout life) on our levels of discipline, responsibility, boundaries, authority, ingenuity, and perseverance.

We receive those "tests," most often, in any manner and form of inner and outer experience that delays, blocks, limits, or stops us in some way. These challenges can be life-long for some, and only cyclical or for a certain period of life for others. For those who work hard and are self-disciplined, the Saturn energy of the father can be experienced as more appreciative and supportive. For those who avoid, deny, and dwell in self-pity, instead of persisting, Saturn energy can become incredibly oppressive, harsh, depressing, and defeating. Having said that, those are ideals. Nothing is that clear and clean here on Earth. So, all of us may or may not be completely disciplined or responsible, and we still face the challenges of the Saturn energy in our lives, or not as much. Some will get a taste of the whole spectrum and potential of Saturn, and others may only experience the father energy as positive or via hero worship or blind trust of/in authority figures.

Capricorn vs. Aquarius

CAPRICORN is ruled by Saturn. The Capricorn energy is indirect, secretive, passive leadership--with a relentless, even ruthless drive to attain materialistic security and standing. Capricorn is in the element of Earth. This brings in the qualities of dependability, perseverance, practicality, and inflexible, stubborn resistance to change. However, Capricorn is a Cardinal mode of energy, and so the resistance to change that may go with earth element qualities can be softened in certain ways. Capricorn has energy to lead, start new things, and welcome change that is within the scope of overall goals and ambition.  Capricorn can tend to be pessimistic, depressed, and a workaholic--deriving self-worth from doing/productivity. Capricorn energy upholds figures of authority, and can represent dominant parent and father energy. Despite all the heaviness and serious demeanor, Capricorn does have the capacity to be good, kind, fun, light, and hopeful.

Capricorn energy also has the ability to be heroic, noble, and wise. Think of the leaders who inspire, provide safe and healthy boundaries, and build structures that help and protect everyone. That is the strength of Capricorn. They can even be funny--but, they are much more inclined to be serious, stodgy, persevering and hardworking -- resigned to trade in joy and play for the slow, hard path to success. Ambition colors everything they do, and what they desire is often some kind of position of authority and power.

Whether they are the tyrant or the kind ruler, they wish to rule, and achieve great heights of security and favor. Capricorn energy can be a wet blanket--a disappointing let down to more free spirited and/or fiery energies that seek adventure, emotional exploration and security, philosophy, and unconventional ways of being and working.

Capricorn secretly wants, and openly facilitates convention, boxes, immovable tradition, and control. Capricorn as the goat, sea goat or unicorn is grounded, connected to the earth, and has horns. The horns transmit fierce energy to fight, battle, gain ground, and to focus. Stubborn earthy energy provides the tenacity for Capricorn to continue working "through hell and high water." The cloven feet allow the goat to scale cliffs of ambition, achieving the impossible over time--to everyone's amazement.

What happens with Capricorn in Saturn on the social and collective level?

Too often the feminine, those on the fringes, those who choose values and goals that contradict materialism and material/personal security goals are often casualties of Capricorn's rule. Capricorn has the capacity to be a wise, brave, healthy authority. But, when challenged or opposed, Capricorn can become ruthless, punitive, and without mercy. That entire range and capacity within Capricorn -- of providing physical/financial/material security, healthy boundaries, as well as grounding authority to provide safety and morality--and becoming a ruthless dictator--all of that is expressed in our social circumstances and collective institutions and structures. We have such diversity that ALL of those potentials can be observed and experienced in our lives and social structures of the past, and today.

With Saturn in Capricorn for the last 2.5 years, those tests have come in the form of authority figures and structures of power and authority that are dominating and ruling over (affecting) every aspect of our lives, for better, or for much worse. 

AQUARIUS is ruled by Uranus. The Aquarian energy is direct, open, dependable, lofty, and determined. Aquarius will see things through to completion. Aquarius, the water bearer, is in  the element of Air. This brings in the qualities of intellectualizing feelings, and a priority and valuing of thought, communication, networking, and all forms and modes of thought and communication -- especially the unusual and unique.

Aquarius is unconventional at core, and is quite willing to disrupt tradition and traditional forms of authority for a cause, or because they find it to be archaic and disingenuous. Aquarius energy is inclusive, androgynous, gender-neutral, or otherwise non-conforming. This energy supports diversity and equality.

Aquarius energy rebels against what is no longer useful, what is unjust, and what is deceptive or overindulgent. Aquarius seeks social action and change with the heart and mind of a humanitarian, futurist, and inventor. Because Aquarius is a fixed mode expression, the energy will tend to be inflexible and resistant to thoughts, practices, and concepts that don't align with their unique, unconventional personal codes of truth and honor.

Aquarius is stable and harmonious with Saturn, but Aquarius will challenge the Capricorn status quo, no problem. They are ready and willing to topple down the tyrannical tendencies that Capricorn can unwittingly fuel and preserve. Both Capricorn and Aquarius are focused on power relating to the collective, to humanity. Capricorn is preoccupied with work, status, and reputation. Aquarius is focused on being a bridge to a more ideal, inventive, and kind future. Aquarius is focused on activating and empowering friends, groups, audiences, and the collective. Aquarius is a big picture type of energy. Aquarius wants systemic revolution, whereas Capricorn simply wants to rule and lead.

Aquarius energy seeks justice, radical forms of equality, and non-conforming systems to support diversity in every sense. This energy will facilitate a graceful and dignified letting go of what no longer works, with pride and compassion that reflects the Aquarian symbol of the water bearer. Because Aquarius feels good in Saturn, there is momentum and strength to really rebel successfully against injustice and cruelty that impacts the most vulnerable among us.

However, as Saturn always presents us with tests on how well we have disciplined ourselves, how responsible we are, what our boundaries, and inner strength is made of--especially in the face of setbacks and sometimes severe limitations--we can expect to be dealing with real challenges in the flavor of Aquarian energy and relating to the focus for collective change, rebellion, humanitarian movement, and technological advancement.

The downside qualities of Aquarius also need to be heeded, as we enter into it. In particular: only getting excited with groups, friends, or audiences--and becoming distant, cold, and/or detached with those closest and most intimate. (However, this does seem a healthy way to deal with the need for social distancing during a pandemic in some ways.) Aquarius can also be reckless in rebelling just to rebel, obstinate, and overly harsh when feeling threatened, or in disagreements.

Aquarian energy can indeed come down too hard on those who offend their unique values and goals...an echo of their ancient ruler, Saturn, perhaps. There is an iron fist hidden in every peace-loving Aquarian heart energy. It's most often a well-meaning, progressive, equality driven iron fist -- based in the understanding of other's suffering and probably some invention or unconventional way to relieve or end it. However, that iron fist can do damage, and shouldn't be rationalized away due to the good intentions and passion for justice that it springs from. Alienating potential allies won't help us to make inroads for right action, nor will becoming too detached from the personal, one-on-one needs going on in our personal lives and relationships.

Saturn In Aquarius: Now To July 1st

Aquarius is a mystical type sign of the zodiac. The 11th house, ruled by Aquarius and Uranus, is a mystical bridge between the world as we know it, on into the mystical, cosmic, and humanitarian realms. The water bearer, though passionate, is an Air sign--loves movement, travel, events, and communication and thought processes and expression of all kinds. That energy is detached and impersonal, yet holds a unique power to bring empathy and compassion action through the vessel being carried--of perhaps, life-giving, regenerative waters. There is a special connection possible here with the health of our water and resources and our spiritual awareness--as we move forward with these Aquarian energies at the social and collective levels.

For both the United States and the Internet, the movement of Saturn into Aquarius is in the 3rd house of communication. This shift will be focused around how we think, communicate, run errands, relate to neighbors (other countries) and siblings (state to state).

Since Aquarius is ruled by Uranus, the energy of surprise, abrupt change, and inventions--strange/unusual events and behaviors come into a house that deals with local, regional, and practical ways to network/communicate, and approaches to thought and day-to-day relationships. As we are in the midst of such a disruption, it is well and good to think outside the box. "Necessity is the mother of invention" is a phrase that surfaces at this time.

Saturn Retrograde In Capricorn: July 2nd to Dec 17th 2020

Saturn retrograde isn't unusual at all. Saturn spends about 2.5 years in a sign, and will retrograde for about 4.5 months per year. So, the period from July to mid-December serves as a review of all the events that have occurred through Saturn influence in the Capricorn energy in recent years. It is kind of like when you leave a job or relationship that you have been in for a quite a while, and move on to something else. You are immersed in that new job or relationship, but may spend a large amount of time still processing and reviewing lessons, insights, and styles of being from the previous experience. This retrograde is steeped in the Capricorn energy still, but make no mistake, we have moved on into new territory, which will be going forward full force by Dec. 19th.

How this affects our elections and modes of communication is up to us. We can utilize the ambition of Capricorn during the retrograde to push forward towards the goals of Aquarius. That is my hope. It will, at least, be a time to review how we interact with authority, the patriarchy in all its forms, and with our sense of security and responsibility related to food, water, shelter, possessions, status, and money.

The Aquarian energy coming in, and present now, seeks to shift the Capricorn approach to all of this for good!

Saturn In Aquarius: Dec 19th 2020 to March 7th, 2023

How will we live this out? That is the beauty of all the octaves of potential that we carry together as a collective at this time. There is a lot of potential for good to come about from every struggle, hardship, and loss that we face. I don't serve you best in predicting specific outcomes and events. That is because we are presently co-creating what will be in the present moment. We are meant to improvise a new path together, hopefully one that utilizes the amazing beauty and truth of us, instead of the manufactured conditioning that has taken hold for so long.

Aquarian energy upholds unique gifts, insights, and perspectives as important and valid to the whole. This is time to explore new ways of thinking, being, and communicating--with discipline, responsibility, and healthy boundaries for all life. This will require radical change.

For a personal look at how Saturn in Aquarius impacts you on a personal level, look to the house and sign that Saturn was in when you were born, and what house Saturn is in now for you. You can calculate your birth chart for free at astro.com or cafeastrology.com.

If you want my insight on your personal Saturn dynamics, message me on my website and I will be happy to provide a short email response for free, just for you. Just mention that you read my blog about Saturn in Aquarius. 

C.S. Sherin (Chandra), Wild Clover Astrology 2020©. You are free to share this content via social media, unaltered and with the author, link and copyright intact. Any alterations or lack of credit is prohibited.

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