06 April 2020

Full Pink Moon: April 7th 2020

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Full Pink Moon In Libra:
Tuesday April 7th, 2020

C.S. Sherin, 6 April 2020

The Full Pink Moon tomorrow night marks the hopes of Spring for the Northern Hemisphere. This full Moon is in the sign of Libra, a Cardinal Air sign, ruled by Venus, at home in the 7th house of close and committed relationships/partnerships.

The Moon in astrology represents many things, but for this purpose, we look at its movements through the signs each month as changing moods, instinctual flavor of the day, and states of mind. However, it is not that we, as individuals, are that changeable or so influenced by everything--some of us are, some aren't at all. It is, rather, a symbolic and energetic means to engage in connections to Earth and Moon energies that encourage ongoing growth, awareness, and a reverencing of our time here. 

As you may remember, the last New Moon was in the sign of Aries, Libra's opposite. So, we started this monthly cycle planting seeds focusing on personal power, action, and energy. We end this particular cycle in a sign that is focused on relationships, fairness, and shared beauty and experiences.

The full Moon encourages us to release and to look at the work that has been done throughout this cycle. This full Moon energy will encourage Libran states of mind and Venusian focus.

Here are some Libra qualities that are ongoing: the perpetual desire to seek, find, and know balance, peace, companionship, and fairness; the unending appreciation for symmetry, beauty,  and the arts; and the inability to choose, take an independent stance, or to cause a disruption of harmony and agreement. Libra has the ability to see all sides of a situation and can naturally fall into roles of peacemaker, impartial judge, or charming diplomat. Libra would do well to remember that it is okay to disagree, to look past appearances, and to become more empowered by independence.

The pitfalls of Libra energy include: never taking a stand, keeping peace at all costs, being easily influenced by others, being seduced or deceived by beauty/appearances, and becoming codependent or dependent on intimate relationships.

In addition, being a Cardinal energy, Libra is ready to take initiative, lead others, and begin new ventures. The Venusian energy brings some of our focus this Full Moon on romance and money as well. With money being in a particularly unstable position for many, it may be a time to reassess and put into motion new strategies for dealing with and handling money on the personal level. 

With Libra being the Full Moon energy, there can be some conflicting energies: the need to release what is done, and produce what we have accomplished so far, and the desire for new projects and new relationship energies. If we can honor both and all the varying movements and needs, without compromising healthy boundaries, consistency, and inner needs/strength -- then we will have accomplished a lesson that is an ongoing challenge for Libra dominant folks.

In creating a little ceremony for yourself for the full moon tomorrow night, it may be helpful to ask:

What do I want and need to let go of? What work do I want to make sure becomes reality now? How does the work and time I've spent this cycle look, feel, and translate? How do I stay true to myself and my true needs in relationship to significant others and money/work? 

The answers to these questions form the foundation for your next moves through this week and onward...and for a little ceremony to support those movements, which can be as simple as:
a meditative walk; lighting candles; creating a temporary arrangement of flowers, rocks, pine cones, or something of importance to you -- that honors and reminds you of the energy and movements you wish to choose at this time.

It could even take the form of a mantra for the full Moon and onward. The ceremony could also include a celebration or reveal of something accomplished, and a letting go of something that is done.

Overall, this is a time to look at everything with an awareness of the need for: friendship/relationships, healthy boundaries, empowerment, balance, beauty, peace, harmony, social justice, fairness on a personal and relationship level (mutual give and take), and uplifting moments and creations through creativity (art, music, dance, writing, etc).

C.S. Sherin (Chandra), Wild Clover Astrology 2020©. You are free to share this content via social media, unaltered and with the author, link and copyright intact. Any alterations or lack of credit is prohibited.

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