22 March 2020


New Moon In Aries This Tuesday


This weekend the Moon is in Pisces. And Jupiter, the Pisces sign ruler, is in Capricorn (conjunct Mars and Pluto). There may be some challenges this weekend to upholding healthy boundaries, and in drawing the line between comfort and addiction or compulsion. There are a lot of conflicting needs, and the Pisces energy can add confusion and pessimism and/or creative healing to the mix. If we seek to channel challenges with our sacred imagination, with creativity, music, and movement -- we are able to transmute some truly challenging moments into helpful seeds for Spring, despite the tensions and dysfunction.

Looking forward to the beginning of this week, the Moon is New in Aries by Tuesday. Mars, the Aries sign ruler, will be in Capricorn (conjunct Pluto) at that time. The Moon will stay in Aries through Wednesday.

The New Moon is traditionally a time for us to begin planting seeds (figuratively, and sometimes literally). Since this New Moon is the first New Moon of Spring (for the Northern Hemisphere) this is a particularly powerful time to plant new seeds of help, hope, and real nourishment.

There is added potency to this ritual, as the New Moon is also in the sign of Aries. Aries is cardinal fire. Aries is the will and passion to be and to act, and to begin something new. This New Moon calls us into action. Aries needs movement and action to be fulfilled. Mars in Capricorn supports and strengthens this New Moon, and the inherent call to act. Aries wants and needs to act with honesty, clarity, and speed. However, we all will do well to avoid being impulsive, rude, or too aggressive during the New Moon time.

The best way to honor this energy is to do something to contribute (symbolically and/or literally) to what we would like to see grow and come to fruition by the Full Pink Moon in Libra on April 7th.

Consider using a healing visualization that fully envisions what you would like see come into reality. Take some small actions that support that visualization in ritual. Believe it. See it. Nurture it. Take one concrete action each day, no matter how small, to affirm it during April. Perhaps you may come up with a mantra to repeat each day, and have a plan of action to begin working on. Concrete movement and activity is supported this coming week.

So, for this New Moon on Tuesday, start preparing now. How do you prepare the soil? How do you prepare the seeds? What are you growing? Allow some space and time to see it, name it, and plant it -- with love and presence to make it holy.

This is a great time to decide what you would like to nurture and grow this month. It is a time of crisis and uncertainty, yes. Maybe that is a perfect time to apply the medicine of our sacred imagination to give birth to something new, something better. I sure hope so!

Whatever you choose...it can be personal, local, creative, spiritual, and/or it can be something for the collective and quite practical and concrete. Whatever it is -- this is a beautiful time for the Spring New Moon ritual, as it is supported by a fire sign that is ready to act on what is true and worthwhile.


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